Ayers Sand Prairie Nature Preserve

Ayers Sand Prairie is a relatively large preserve containing dry sand prairie, sand dune and blowout communities typical of the Mississippi River Section of the Illinois and Mississippi River Sand Areas Natural Division. An inventory of the plants revealed 39 species of grasses and sedges, 16 species of woody plants and 96 forbs. The dominant herbaceous species are little bluestem, June grass and hairy gramma grass. Carolina anemone, sandcress, puccoon and sand primrose are typical sand prairie species. Black oak and cottonwood occur in the blowouts along with scattered clones of aromatic sumac. Resident mammals include deer, skunk, rabbit, mole, shrew and western harvest mice. Summer resident birds occurring here include upland sandpiper, loggerhead shrike, western meadowlark, grasshopper sparrow and dickcissel. A number of the characteristic reptiles found in sand prairies occur at Ayers Sand Prairie.

Activities Amenities Open
Bird watching and hiking (unmarked trail)
Small parking area
Dawn to dusk


Ayers Sand Prairie Nature Preserve

Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Region: West Carroll County
Airport Rd & Spring Lake Rd , Savanna, IL 61072

dnr.state.il.us/INPC/Directory/ Sitefiles/Area1/ayeca.htm

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